TONY NWULU: The 21st Century Governor For Imo State

The 2019 governorship election in Imo State holds out so much promise and expectations for Imo Youths.

This is encouraging considering the increasing number of Youths who have joined the 2019 political train. One of them is the man who can be described as the ladder for the Youths to climb to governance in Nigeria.

Hon Tony Nwulu, 39, a governorship aspirant of the United Progressive Party, UPP is the initiator of the Not Too Young To Run Act that has created a window of opportunity for Youths involvement in governance.

The Not Too Young To Run has echoed beyond the shores of Nigeria. It's the sing song all over Africa! From Johannesburg to Algiers down to the beautiful Island of Seychelles, the Not Too Young To Run is igniting political reawakening among African Youths.

This is a hallmark of a 21st century leader who believes that governance is not a tea party but a serious business for serious minds! A leader free from corrupt tendencies which most politicians are known for.

Tony Nwulu needs no further introduction. His political savvy made him break ethnic barriers by coming from Imo State to win a Federal House of Reps Seat in Lagos State repeating the feat only achieved by late Dr.Nnamdi Azikiwe who had won a Federal seat in yorubaland even before the first Republic.

In Imo State, Nwulu scored another first by being the first governorship aspirant in the State to begin the process of engaging the European Union, EU to get involved on how to make Imo State better.

Nwulu's deal with the EU is like a sack loaded with so much goodies. It involves a robust partnership that will create wealth not just for Imo youths alone but for her entire citizenry.

Such partnership cut across youth empowerment, education, human development, etc.

Under a UPP led administration with Nwulu at the helm of affairs of the State, there will be a symbiotic relationship between Imo State and Europe that will transform the State in all ramifications.

Nwulu is an epitome of a 21st century leader not a desperate emperor. Such a leader does not need all the money induced endorsements or have stolen funds to ambush the electorate to vote for him.

Exposed, dynamic and a suave character, he has shown a relentless ability to take Imo State to the next level. His economic plans for Imo is a classic one. Check out a tip of the iceberg- One billion Naira as take off funds for an Employment Trust Fund, 80 percent youth inclusion in the State Executive Council, a 24 hour Economy, 3 Zonal Development Commission's @ Orlu, Owerri and Okigwe zones, massive agricultural reforms..

Nwulu is the heartbeat of Imo Youths, he is the fountain of hope for the elderly, the pensioners, the workers, the artisans, the Widows, the less privileged and all those who believe in the political, social and economic rebirth of Imo State.

He brings succour to the oppressed and the despondent Imolites ravaged by gestapo style of governance.

Under a UPP led Tony Nwulu government, there will be a ray of hope for Imo State, a sprinkle of revival and complete rejuvenation of the State.

He will take Imo State away from its sordid past. If Imo State must breath a fresh air, only Tony Nwulu and the UPP will de pollute the State from bad governance to responsible leadership.

A man imbued with the tenets of leadership and governance, hear his approach to recover Imo.

He said " The UPP hold out greater promise for our people.The symbol of the party which is the tiger symbolizes strength and power. We have come to take back our State. And only the strong together with the resolve of Imo people can achieve this. The UPP has been energized and fully prepared to take over power in Imo State in 2019. We are committed to enthroning genuine leadership, accountability, responsiveness and transparency in government"

A vote for Tony Nwulu and the UPP is not just a mere vote but a seal of approval for social and economic rebirth for a beleaguered Imo State.

Imo State has never had it so bad like now and this is why the people need a radical departure from its sordid past to a future of prosperity.

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