The just concluded Vintage Comedy Show with "Ghana Must Go", an event he tagged the Naked Truth edition, may have birthed a new "beef" in the Abuja comedy family, as Ambassador Walaha reacts brutally, with insults and harsh words at "Ghana Must Go".

According to Amb. Wahala, he received a text message from Ghana Must Go, accusing him of insulting his Chairman, while on stage at the Naked Truth show. Wahala described Ghana as stupid, stating that leaders of Nigeria must be told the truth as the edition implies.

Wahala went on to caution Ghana Must Go, stressing that he isn't among those entertainers that goes around politicians looking for one favour or the other. He condemned the reaction of Ghana must go with great bitterness and regrets, stating that Ghana lacks the sense of humour.

Reacting to the insults  from Amb. Wahala, Ghana Must Go calmed the pressure with a more serious warning, using a parable to stress his seriousness, he narrates in pidgin language, "wen you see dog wey lazy, the one wey dey bitter and you feel say you be good Samaritan you wan give am food make e get strength, you they feed am make e bite you". His narration may imply that Wahala must not wake up the beast in him, because if he tries it, Amb  Wahala may be his first victim.

Ghana Must Go told our reporters that he called comedian Wahala to thank him for his support and also call his attention to the aversive display he pulled while on stage at the Vintage show. He described Amb. Wahala to have gone too far with his presentations. He called it a "garden performance", stating that the Ambassador's display was geared to ridicule the brand.

Amb. Wahala is popularly known for his funny gestures and mimmicks of the former first lady, Patience Jonathan. He is the presenter of famous "tori worwor" radio program on Love FM. Ghana Must Go is a comedian and also a radio/TV presenter. He is known for his recent instagram short skirt videos that profess "Die! Die!! " to any politician or groups who are alleged to have embezzled the public treasury or mismanaged their position in political office. 

Unfortunately, the duo are popular comedians and old  members of the Abuja Body of Comedians, chaired by Dr. Ayuba. The big question is, will this development ridicule  the relationship that exist in the Abuja comedy industry? or expose the laziness and cold creativity in the industry?

......More update loading on Nairaland with videos!!!

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