EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW : "I will support the breast cancer awareness campaign" - Edidiong

Exclusive interview with reigning Finest Girl North Central Diaspora as she talks about her life as a queen and plans to join in the fight against cancer 

Read Excerpt :

Please tell us your name:
My name is Edidiong Dondon U

How did you  come into the pageant industry?
 It has always been my dream as a growing girl to be a beauty Queen someday. I decided to give it a try, and here I am now.

How did you score Finest Girl North Central Diaspora?
My attainment of the award of Finest Girl North Central Diaspora is a product of my dynamic nature being a model and teeming followers and fans all along

What's the reward being the miss?
Being Finest Girl North Central Diaspora gives me ample opportunity to add more value to the lives of those around me through various project. However, opportunities of meeting great people and getting involved in bigger plans are not left out.

What are your hobbies?
My hobbies are playing mind games, chatting meeting new people, singing

What project would you like to achieve with your title?
I will support the breast cancer awareness campaign thereby organising free screening  for early detection and prevention for females within the age range prone to the disease. I'm also targeting going on humanitarian tour as touching many who seek for help.

What happens when you drop the crown?
Dropping the crown means more work for me... Because I will have to be a model to others aspiring to be queens who will wear the crown after me and of course I'll aim to go higher and further in my career as a pageant Queen and model.

There are lots of pageant out there,people want to have a pageant for one reason or the other.do you think it is helping?
Yea...It is helping a lot.
To a great extent, it gives platform to the up and coming stars in the industry to explore their ambitions.

Are you married or in a relationship?
None for now

Any advice for the upcoming beauty queen?
She should be focused and be committed to improving the lives of those around her with her office.

Are you based in Abuja?

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