PHALGA Youths Beckon On Tonye Rex Idaminabo To Join Federal House Of Representatives Race


In recent times, the impacts of vibrant youths, and committed agents of social change have become indelible to Africa's development, as Tonye Rex Idaminabo, the organiser/CEO of Africa Achievers Award and a youth empowerment Advocate in Africa, continues in his remarkable paths of honour and accolades.

However, his strides in leadership has led youths in Rivers state and his constituency to insist that Mr. Tonye Idaminabo represents them at the federal house of representative in the forthcoming general elections in Rivers state.

As a young serial entrepreneur, Co-founder of Achievers media, he has been so proactive in improving and rewarding young achievers who have done commendably well in their various sectors of life. In his advocacy on youth empowerment, Tonye Rex Idaminabo initiated several programs on skill acquisition and vocational trainings for youth, which earned him a great influencing power over youths in PHALGHA 1 federal constituency in Rivers state.

His astute nature and considerations for humanity, especially the common man, has created a call to duty by social and economic groups in River state, where he hails from.

The campaign by PHALGA Youth Assembly, a political group in the Phalga 1 Federal constituency of Rivers state is committed to an unchallengeable support for Tonye Rex, stating that he is a perfect representation for the Phalga People.

The young Nigerian lawyer and entrepreneur, was reported by 2015 Forbes Magazine as one of the 30 most promising young entrepreneurs in in Africa. This sustained his sheered doggedness and consistency in entrepreneurship and human development 

In view of the absolute recognition of the leadership strengths and capabilities of Mr Tonye Rex Idaminabo, the leader of PHALGA Youth Assembly, Comrade Abbey Ogbu, described Mr. Tonye as a perfect candidate for any party in the forthcoming polls.

He has bagged several honourable awards on entrepreneurship, leadership, education and charity. The international and national recognition of Tony Rex, has proved his intellectual capabilities and selflessness to serve.

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