Evergreen Global initiative (NGO) holds sensitization and empowerment program in Ibadan.

Evergreen Global  initiative (NGO) holds sensitization and empowerment program in Ibadan.

The menace of drugs abuse among youths in Nigeria has reached a frightening proportion and it pervades every fibre in the society. 

With the popularly held belief that the youths of any nation are the leaders of tomorrow, but this group tend to be the most affected with this menace. This is why Evergreen Global Initiative deemed it fit to invest in the future development of the youths by organizing  seminars with the support of NDLEA ,NAFDAC and other stakeholders.

The recent one was held in The premises of the Ibadan Polytechnic and witnessed a large turnout from students of the school. 

The event witnessed the support & attendance of NDLEA,  NAFDAC and a popular social influenced, lecturer and entrepreneur, Mr Isiaq Abdulwaheed who shared with the participants problems associated with substance abuse and how it can be curbed. 

The Convener, Queen Nimat Siaka stated: "Youth when neglected, can find escape and solace in such things as drug abuse, pick-pocketing, loitering, rape , auto-theft etc . Thereafter ,some students with already existing businesses were financially supported by the initiative.

The students expressed their delight and thanked the organization for their support and commitment towards building a drug free Nigeria.

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