Actress Christy Nnaji, the popular Nollywood personality and founder of Ambassador Christy Nnaji Foundation has joined the moving train of passionate philanthropists by extending her affectionate love to the less privilege in communities around Nigeria.

The humanitarian vision to reach out to agrarian societies in Nigeria by Actress Christy Nnaji, through her NGO has since remained relevant and impactful, especially in the lives of motherless babies and children leaving below poverty levels. 

Recently, she was joined by a National Working Team and members of the board of trustee of her foundation to visit homes of less privileged Nigerians, as well as a motherless baby home located at one of the satellite towns in Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria. The reachout initiative witnessed several donations that cuts across food items, clothes, relief materials and financial supports.

The team which was lead by the adorable actress, role model and President of Ambassador Christy Nnaji Foundation, shared engaging moments with children at the motherless baby home in Karu, Abuja. She encouraged the children to believe in themselves, develop their dreams and remain true nationalists by leaving a moral live that is productive to their society and the nation in entirety.

The founder and president, Actress Christy Nnaji, the convener of the initiative, stressed that her organisation is passionate about improving humanitarian gestures and charity works in the black Africa nation. She stated that the vision to continually put smiles on the faces of less privileged persons and victimised children will remain a burning mission of Christy Nnaji foundation.

However, the visit was graced with countless gratitude from children and the administration of the motherless baby home. Some children displayed with joyful gestures, others spoke to appreciate the support from Christy Nnaji foundation and some were emotionally touched by the kindhearted assistance by Actress Christy to support the motherless baby home.

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