3 habits you should stop while charging your phone

No matter how strong your phone battery is, you will still need to recharge it for use over and over again. To enlighten you a little bit about charging your cell phone battery, here are a few habits that you should stop that destroy your phone battery.

1. Overcharging your battery

Every single and specific phone battery has a specific charging limit and period according to manufacturers. We are usually used to leaving our phone batteries to charge overnight. 

This is a sure way of destroying the battery. It is like pouring water into a glass that is already full. (You know what happens).

2. Using cheap, fake and non-specific chargers

Using cheap and fake chargers is dangerous for you, your phone and your battery itself. 

For safety purposes for you and your phone, use the specific charger with which you purchased the phone. In case the original charger gets spoilt, replace it with another suitable one. 

3. Charging as you game

As you charge your phone, it is advisable that you don't use it. If you charge as you game, you make it hard for your battery to recharge. 

When you do this frequently, you weaken your battery capacity making it hold less power or take lesser time with charge

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