The rains of humanitarian gestures by the prominent Juremi Foundation has dropped on the sands of Karamajiji community, in a responsive engagement of free technical and vocational centres for participants of its recent free skills acquisition program.

The foundation made this known to our reporters via a press statement, which it released recently. The release stressed on the provisional efforts which the Foundation has made in the areas of empowerment and skills acquisition programs for the community.

In view of the foundation's vision to improve the value and relevance of people living with disabilities in Nigeria, it went ahead to build and set-up this vocational learning centre in Karamajiji community, so as to boost their economic commitments to the nation. 

The foundation provided sewing machines, musical equipments and other necessary gadgets that will ensure a smooth operation of the vocational centres.

Juremi foundation has made this commitment to  support those who are living with disabilities and others who have interest in the program.

The community head and people living in the Karamajiji community has expressed gratitude and appreciation to Juremi foundation, for such a charitable contribution to humanity. Speaking with a young interested youth in the community, she said, "I have been idle and not knowing what to engage in, until this intervention by Juremi foundation, we praise them and we promise to take up this vocational skills and trainings, so as to be useful to ourselves and our community", she concluded.

The project coordinator, stressed that participants will display the skills they have acquired at the grande finale of Most Beautiful Model and Art Exhibition Concert which is coming up soon.

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