It was indeed a memorable exercise for school pupils in Abuja as they were blessed with benevolent spirit of Queen Irene Onwuka with regards to free distribution of school sandals.

The QUEEN IRENE ONWUKA PEACE FOUNDATION (QIOP) which is known for keeping her promises and fulfilling whatever she's set out to do, as she made impactful move put smiles on the faces of the kids. The beauty Queen who is passionate about loving and caring for children took it to the next level with her very notable project called FOOT WEAR FOR EVERY CHILD PROJECT to distribute 2000 pairs of school sandals to school children in very remote rural areas in Abuja as her vision is to help eradicate and eliminate harm to children who are exposed to the risk of contracting soil transmitted diseases or infection which are able to penetrate the skin through bare feet. 

"Wearing shoes helps prevent cut and sore which are not only painful but can be quite dangerous when the wound become infected especially since routine Medical care is often unavailable to these children she said" more so, Shoe are the most important required items for school attendance, children without shoes can't receive proper education, for 2 years the Queen has put up 4000 pairs of school sandals on children and counting. The goals is to donate 1 million pairs of school sandals in years to come to underprivileged children . 

The founder of the notable NGO said in her addresses that a heart felt plea is made to the General public who are interested in making a difference in a child future by purchasing or donating a pair of school sandal, In an interview with the Queen she urged all individuals, colleagues, companies, government, stakeholders to buy and donate a pair of school sandals to children as it cost nothing to impact positively in a life of a child. 

The schools who were beneficiaries to these school sandal are LEA primary  Saburi ,Junior Secondary school saburi,LEA  primary school Tasha, Junior Secondary School kiyi , school of handicap kuje, LEA primary school nyanya,LEA  primary school karu orphanage,LEA primary school jikwoyi,Junior Secondary chibiri all in the Federal Capital Territory Abuja. The Queen wishes to continue expanding this project to more children in the federation as the are moving over to the South east to select more school who are in dare need of this school sandal. Weldone Queen for your brave work.

It was indeed a remarkable sight to behold as the Queen went to different school and the children were very excited while some cried to the Queen because they said nobody had ever come to their school to see them let alone donating educational materials to them, they prayed and blessed the Queen with their pure innocence heart.

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