Why Hon. Tony Nwulu is apt for the youths in governance agitation

Hon. Tony Nwulu needs no introduction as far as Imo politics is concerned. In Nigeria, he has made a name for himself which generation unborn will live to remember. The recently passed Not too young to run bill is an antidote to the age long agitation of youths involvement in politics. It's note worthy that several people had such ideas but never had the courage to push it forward. Hon. Nwulus courage has however placed him above his contemporaries and sustained him as the round peg in a round hole for the desired change in Governance. 

The agitation for youths involvement should be left with those who have idea of what the youths want and those who are very accessible to the people. Hon. Nwulu is a people oriented leader who does not surround himself with the bravado associated with power. He is humble, friendly and accommodating. In fact, if you encounter the young man without knowing, you may need to be informed that He is the iroko tree where the flag has been raised for Nigerian youths to ascend to power. 

As the 2019 election draws closer, the people must look closely before deciding those to lead them. Hon. Nwulu fits in for the agitation being made for the youths to take over. Not just because of the not too young to run bill, but because of his experience, youthful nature, charisma, humility and wide range of connections across board. Hon. Nwulu is the beautiful bride of Imo come 2019.

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