Popular Abuja Based Showbiz Entrepreneur Kingsley Amafibe To Run For Delta House Of Assembly

2019 POLLS:

The Ika North Constituency in the oil rich Delta state has discovered a perfect representation at the state house of Assembly, as youth groups and several organisations reinstate their support for Ambassador Kingsley Amafibe and his vision to represent the Ika north constituency at the Delta state House of Assembly.

Amb. Kingsley Amafibe who is an aspirant under the PDP umbrella is known by all to be a selfless youth, a daunted servant of the people and a perfect example of a vibrant leader.

In view of the recently passed "not too young to run" act, several young aspirants, with notable visionary prospects has assumed the position of liberating the people from beaucratic leadership into creative/proactive leadership, as well as inclusive representation. However, Amb. Kingsley is one of such.

As the organiser of Peace Achievers Awards and his involvement in several peace related campaigns and delegations in Nigeria and Africa, Amb. Kingsley is hopeful that these capabilities will be used to improve the development of his constituency, stating that where is peace, there is progress".

Still reviewing the impacts, inputs and mission of Amb. Amafibe ahead of the 2019 polls in Delta state house of assembly, it will be important to carefully state that his commitment to youth empowerment has made infallible impacts in Nigeria. As the founder and president of Miss Ambassador for Peace, several girls have been empowered and supported to discover their values and also mentor others through several skills acquisition programs nationally and internationally. This organisation has provided opportunities for several girls any youths to reach the peak of their desires especially through international tours and representations.

Amb. Amafibe is a hardworking youth who has left no stone unturned in his cravings to be resourceful and relevant to humanity. He is the publisher of Alpha Plus Lifestyle  Magazine; a leading publication in Nigeria and he is also the the organiser of the South South Leadership Advancement Award; an award that has played several roles in appraising and applauding good leadership in the south south region of our nation. As the organiser of such award on leadership advancement, the people of the Ika North constituency are glad to have eventually discovered a true and perfect representation.

However, the call to represent his people at the state house of assembly is a movement to engage significant change, especially with the support and influence of showbiz and media campaign.

The notable achievements of Amb. Kingsley has earned him several recognitions, honours and awards, both nationally and internationally. 
He is Indeed an eye to the blind, an ear to the deaf and a life to every dead structure, institution and vision in Ika North constituency of Delta state.

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