LAMB OF GOD: Predictions of Tony Nwulu as IMO Governor raises jubilation (photos)

The vibrant and leading governorship aspirant under the platform of UPP, in Imo State, Hon. Tony Nwulu, continues to generate attention, following his official  declaration for the state's guber race on Saturday, July 7, 2018. 

This time, it has been revealed that the progenitor of the Not-Too-Young-To-Run Bill, was recently predicted as the winner of the 2019 gubernatorial election in Imo state. The dramatic predictions, 
according to reports, were said to have occurred on two different occasions, 2 weeks apart.

According to Hon. Nwulu's Mezie Imo coordinator, Mr Kelechi Kingsley Chukwu, who narrated the incidents, "it all started 3 weeks ago when Hon Tony was making his way out of the party office with the supporters, after a campaign meeting. Right in front of the party house stood a popular mentally challenged man, who, despite his mental illness, is known for uttering spiritual statements that usually prove to be true. 

Upon sighting Hon Tony, the mentally challenged man started calling out to him, addressing him as the incoming governor. This caught everyone's attention, as the man stood there, 
unmoving. He just kept calling Honourable Tony, " my Governor…my Governor", for a couple of minutes, after 
which he walked away.

But, as it turned out, the prediction did not stop there, as yet another dramatic incident occurred on Saturday, July 7 at the venue of Hon. Nwulu's official declaration. Again, Mr Kelechi narrates, 
"there were several speakers who spoke at the declaration before Hon. Tony, but the moment Tony took the MIC and started addressing the crowd, two lambs (mother and child), out of nowhere, walked straight up to him, unconcerned of the teeming crowd at the venue. Then the lambs stood before him and watched him for a few minutes while he delivered his speech, before walking back right in the direction from which they had come". 

According to Kingsley Kelechi Chukwu, everyone at the rally cheered on and were jubilant when the lamb incident occurred, because they all believed that the coming of the lambs represents good omen, just like the coming of Christ, the lamb of God. He said everyone at the well-attended declaration left the venue convinced that victory is assured for Hon Tony Nwulu come 2019.

While reacting to the prediction incidents, Hon. Nwulu stated, "I wasn't surprised when those incidents 
occurred. God uses even the most foolish things to confirm his words. I said I wasn't surprised, because 
long before I publicly announced that I'll be running for governor, the silent voice of God had already spoken to me and told me to run for Imo State governorship seat". 

The law maker further revealed that 
that was the same way same silent voice asked him to run for the Federal House of Reps in 2014. In his words, "the same way I won that House of Reps seat in a foreign land is the same way I'll emerge 
victorious in the Imo Governorship race in 2019, because God does not sent you on a mission without equipping you for success".

Meanwhile, Hon. Nwulu's is said to have won over the loyalty of the youths in the state, ahead of 2019, as thousands of youths from across 27 local government areas of the state, had prior to his declaration, held a rally during which they clamored for Hon Tony Nwulu to contest the governorship seat. It is this clarion call that Hon Nwulu says he could not ignore.

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