The renowned federal law maker, Hon. Tony Nwulu began to set political records and defy the odds since he first ventured into competitive politics. Ahead of the 2015 general election in Nigeria, Hon. Nwulu had indicated his interest to run for the House of Representatives to represent the good people of Oshodi/Isolo Federal Constituency of Lagos state under the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

 Many people had then laughed him off, as no one believed he could even win the primary election, let alone the main election, against a candidate of APC, now the ruling party. And to make matters worse, and as he would say in his own words, "I had no money to finance a political campaign. I even had to sell my car to buy the nomination form".

 But that's not all, Tony was also an Igbo man running against over 20 Yoruba aspirants within PDP alone, in a Yoruba Land. So, he was fighting against all odds, as it were. But, Hon Nwulu fought the battle of a tiger and emerged the winner of not just PDP ticket, but the general election, making political case study and proving bookmakers wrong. That was the first time Tony proved his tiger spirit. And he hasn't stopped since then.

Upon his arrival at the National Assembly, Hon. Nwulu did not waste time to announce the fact that he was there to change the status quo. When the then Not-Too-Young-To-Run Bill turned into a national cum international movement between 2016 and 2017, many had thought it was a United Nations initiative and movement, as experience had shown that only such a gigantic organization could inspire such a gigantic movement across a nation and beyond. But, Tony broke that jinx. It was not a United Nations movement. It was a Tony Nwulu's movement, presented on the floor of United Nation Assembly and that was yet another time he convinced not just the nation, but the world, that he was a tiger in human flesh. 

Today, that bill has now become an Act, duly signed into law by the president, and celebrated in Nigeria and beyond as a victory for African youths. That movement has now inspired similar movements across some other African nations. That movement has now inspired more Nigerians, more than ever before, into massive political participation, as 2019 approaches. That movement was born out of the sheer will of a single man who believes that the status quo can only be changed if every citizen takes the fight for a better nation as their personal fight. That one man, with the nectar of a tiger, is Hon.Tony Nwulu.

This is why, even before Hon. Nwulu could announce his intention to run for the governor of Imo State, thousands of youths already mandated him to take that route. Expectedly, when Tony decided to declare his governorship ambition, he did so under the people's Democratic Party (PDP). This declaration apparently brought a breath of fresh air to the main opposition party in the state, as his influence as a national star was calculated to count as a major edge to help PDP triumph over the largely criticized ruling party, APC, in Imo state.

 It is, therefore, regrettable, and shocking, that the PDP did not make efforts to secure their star, as this has now led to their losing him to the fierce-fighting party, United Progressive Party (UPP). UPP, whose designated logo is the image of a tiger, hasn't won any governorship election in the state before, it has always stood as a dangerous opponents at most elections in the state.

 And now that the party has a candidate whose spirit resonates with the spirit of the party, it appears a game changer is now in the works for Imo State, as we head down towards 2019.

What Hon.Tony Nwulu has now proven over time is that he knows how to win, and more so, that he loves to do so against all odds. Another obvious trend that can now be rightly associated with the ace legislator, is that he knows how to move the people along with him. And with this being the case, UPP may have just emerged the party to beat in Imo State come 2019 guber. .

And why not? One tiger is a great force, but when two tigers put heads together to fight, then woe betides the opponent on the other side. 2019 has already begun in Imo!

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