Imolites will totally agree when we say our great state, Imo needs to be fixed. Just as a human being grows and dies, so does a state. Overtime, Imo state has gone through successive leadership that never cared about fixing the damages done by predecessors; a requirement that is basic. Today, we need to entrust Imo state into the hands of leaders who have proved their worth and are committed to nurture and guarantee the "Fix it ideology" of MEZIE Imo Movement.

The Mezie Movement as represented by youths from 27 LGA of IMO state has reiterated its unchallengeable and undiluted support for Hon. Tony Nwulu, stating that, the victory of "Not too young to run" bill was a clear indication of his relentless commitments to advance youth participation in governance. 

The initiative envisioned Hon. Tony as the bridge to a better future for Imolites; a fountain of hope and a restoration to the lost glory of IMO state.

The 2019 swear-in day remains symbolic in the life of Imolites. It is the day we set out on the journey towards the re-birth of Imo state. Her experience over the past eight years requires a "Fix-it" with a view to being set on firm foundations and on the right paths of growth and development. Hence, this flag off day is one of undeniable nostalgia and hope for our youthful candidate, Hon. Tony Nwulu. It is also a day the Mezie Imo Agenda will fully kickoff.  For far too long, we have done things the old ways; we have not always succeeded and we have paid the price for it in different ways. 

Today, We are at the cusp where we must seize the moment and win our state back, thereby upholding her on the national grid. 
Doing so will give us the voice, the reason and the impetus to serve our people well. Today, we seek to return Imo to the stage of prosperity; and return power to the people. 

Imo State is severely broken and in utter disrepair. We must fix it!

Ahead of the Imo 2019 guber polls stretches a future like a road that leads into the distance. Along that road are ambitions, yearnings and desires which the humble people of IMO state wishes to gratify. But in the vein of this expectations comes Hon. Tony Nwulu. A light to the path of stringent governance; a man with uncommon experience, vision and courage, a young political giant whose height is yet to be determined, and indeed, a dogged fighter with the right strategy to push leadership beyond the traditional frontiers as it were. However, the leadership qualities of the Youthful Harvard Scholar is worthy of emulation.

Imo State needs transformational leadership, and Hon. Tony Nwulu has proven to be one. His transformational strides as the House member representing the federal constituency of Oshodi/Isolo in Lagos state will serve as a proof. Even though Imolites are strangled by a propaganda led governance, the great intervention of Hon. Tony Nwulu is on its way.

Imolites are suffering. The people have been denied the true dividends of democracy. The current government has shielded the truth from them. They have failed them in more  ways than one; some of the few are on the issues of unpaid salaries, poor infrastructures, dilapidated government facilities, lack of youth inclusiveness in governance and a lot more, but Imo and its people deserves better. 

We must, therefore, change the leadership and political narrative in our collective interest. Governance is all about the delivery of basic services, but Imo as it is today, is doing the exact opposite; accentuated by poor leadership, fiscal recklessness and lack of transparency. 

The focus of all true lovers of the state should be to sweep the present recklessness aside and enthrone a leader like Hon. Tony Nwulu who understands the dynamics of leadership and management. As a state we have not recently done well economically; not because the natural resources do not exist, nor because the talents are not there, but because narrow political considerations have progressively and consistently frustrated rational economic thinking and promulgation of right policies in governance. Such a defeatist mind-set is dangerous and must be changed.

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