KUDOS! Ex Beauty Queen Ijeoma Chikezie and team, defy Heavy Rainfall To Clean Abuja streets Today (photos)

Today' sanitation exercise, executed by KEEP CLEAN FOUNDATION will go down memory lane as it reflected through passion and commitment to enhance hygienic environment in spite of the heavy rainfall that was experienced earlier. A situation that made some expected participants to develop feet and, the exercise more challenging than anticipated.

Residents of APO Resettlement ‎celebrated the selfless disposition of the Queen Ijeoma Chikezie led team towards cleaning the streets of the fast growing satellite town in the FCT. The participants, volunteers and partnerships defy the breezy downpour to came out in their numbers for Street Clean Sanitation Campaign which the full presence of Abuja Environmental Protection Board (AEPB). Some FCT entertainment practitioners who participated displayed high level simplicity and humility which portrays them as golden images of what the world should be. Popular On Air Personality and spontenous comedian Chuks D General showed pronounced presence alongside Stainless Precious, MC Godpikin, MC Terry, Ex- Beauty Queen Susan Eniolorunda, AlexReports Jimmy Kadiri Imoh gave a good account of themselves. 

The Founder,  Ijeoman Chikezie was former Miss United Nation World Habitat who initiated the project spoke with cross section of journalists and media organisation that the exercise Preaches cleanliness. According to her " this Street Clean Sanitation Campaign is a project I hold close to my heart, it's born out of the passion to give back to the society and avoid dirty enviroments which could attract diseases and infection to both young and old people within the resettlement...I wish to thank Big Churchill Foundation for supporting Us with T-Shirt and jackets,  Mike Omotosho Foundation for the encouragement and donation, Society For Family Health, Abuja Enviroment Protection Board for providing working tools and waste disposal trucks" 

‎Gaffikadoki, NTA, My Dream Nigeria, NANS, AIT, Ben TV London, Nairaland, AbujaPress captured the memories of exercise that will be built-upon to carry "The Street Clean Sanitation Campaign" to other areas in FCT with states already queuing. The NGO services has attracted the fancy of Lagos, Imo and Kaduna state residents. "APO Resettlement is start up, we then to extend the exercise other parts of the city in Abuja including states." She added

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