By Val Igwebuike
Owerri, Imo State capital witnessed a history-making political gathering on Saturday, 5th May, 2018, when an erudite and consummate technocrat, Prof Jude Ejikeme Njoku made an unprecedented Declaration of his intention to contest for Imo state most exulted political office.
Beyond expectations, the venue of the event, the state Secretariat of the People's Democratic Party, PDP, was jam-packed as all party bigwigs and faithful from the entire 27 Local government areas were present to eye-mark the declaration and enjoy the beautifully articulated speech from their renowned academic icon.
Speaking from his professorial infinity, Prof Jude Njoku told the huge crowd that he will restore the near economically empty present Imo state into an economic buoyant state within months of his administration in the Douglas House.
Prof Njoku expressed his determination to use a team of select technocrats, the academia and respected and known business Industrialists to revamp the state economy and turn into the most viable and socioeconomically sustainable state in the country.
As a scholar of indisputable status, he promised to establish a merit driven system in Imo civil service. This particular idea is to make state's civil servants result oriented.
In education, the professor of Agricultural Economics decried the devastating state of education in present Imo state under the rule of APC. He emphasised the enviable height Imo state got in educational excellence before this time. According to Prof Jude, Imo state has maintained a special place as the state that has consistently produced the highest number of Jamb candidates for the past 20 years.
Despite this great academic achievements, Njoku exposed the ugly side of the happy story, which is that only 30% of these students gain admission to study in the tertiary institutions.
He blamed this sad reality on the short-sighted disposition of our previous governors, who never envisage the need to partner with relevant private institutions and the Christian churches to build more Universities for children of the state.
Prof Njoku promised to use his oceanic educational contacts to attract multiple academic investors to build more Universities of global standards in the state.
Among other highlights, the climax of the exercise was when Prof Jude Njoku announced his intention to be governor of Imo come 2019.He told the PDP members and delegates to give him the ticket as he remains the surest way for the party to win the Governorship election in 2019.

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