IMPRESSIVE: Sisterhood-Africa/Global Converge For Maiden Prayer Conference In Abuja.‎

There is so much joy and excitement as the Sisterhood-Africa converge for their global maiden prayer conference. It is a well acknowledged fact that when women gather, great things happen and surely, this is the era of the woman.  Sisterhood Africa/Global is the first ever all female  faith based social media platform. A Nonnie Roberson  virtual  ministry. Strictly for those who desperately  desire more or a touch of God's finger.

God has indeed, been gracious to the Sisterhood-AFRICA/ Global. We have seen all kinds of unthinkable and thinkable miracles. We have experienced the unbelievable yet, THERE IS MORE! There is more for the sisters to see. There is more for them to have. There is more for them to experience and that is why we are having the very first Sisterhood Global Conference. 

The much anticipated conference is Tagged "' New Wine Drinkers"' for those that know their God shall do exploits. This is indeed for those who want more and want to experience God in a different dimension. The event is taking centre stage at Merry Makers Event Centre, Dar- Es-Salam Street, Off Oda Crescent, Behind GLO Office/ Near T.Y Danjuma Foundation, Wuse 2, Abuja.

SisterHood-AFRICA/GLOBAL maiden prayer conference is scheduled to hold as follows:

•Friday, April 6th: 5:00pm - Raw Worship (Dress Code - White)
•Saturday, April 7th : 8:am - 12noon - Interactive session, Questions/Answers, Counselling, Fruit, Fruit Of The Womb. Women in Clergy, Deliverance, Workshop..
‎• Friday evening session: 5:00pm - Anointing and Impartation service. 

According to Genesis 7: 11 "' On that day all the springs, of the great deep shall, burst forth, and the flood gates of heavens were opened"' Truly, the floodgates of heaven shall open, I see mantles!  I see miracles being released!‎!

As the countdown continues, the Sisterhood-Africa/ GLOBAL should not be seen as an usual conference. ‎Expect the unusual, come fasting, come fired up in prayers.....No prayer reqest will escape the sword. No excuse is good enough to STOP you from being part of this. You have not witnessed this kind!!.

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