The recent developments, challenges and reactions in the All Progressive Congress (APC)  has indeed stumbled on an objective democratic decision by President Muhammadu Buhari, which many have applauded to be a bold step for sustainable democracy in Nigeria. 

However,  the proposed uncontitutional extention of tenure in the ruling party  for Chief John Oyegun and other executives in the party did give birth to a myriad of inconsequential crisis,   which is indeed an omen for the party in the forthcoming general elections.
Reponsively,  several party faithful members did condemn the move,  stating that it is a flaw on the structure, vision and prospects of the party. 

The "change-led party" has been criticised for it's unconstitutional modus operandi and it's inability to embibe the spirit of democracy,  thereby sustaining the misconception that the ruling party is preacher of hypocritic change.

Contrarily, the wednesday National Executive Council meeting gave birth to a new decision that torpedoes the move for tenure extention of executives in the ruling party. However, the decision upholds the selfless considerations and democratic frontline of President Muhammadu Buhari,  not only as the party head,  but as a distinguished leader,  says the national chairman of Labour Party. 

The LP Chair,  Dr.  Mike Omotosho also commended Buhari for his bold step and unusual wisdom in managing the internal crisis of All Progressive Party,  stating that Chief John Oyegun and his allies must learn to abide by laid down constitutions so as to be good examples to the new generation of leaders.

Mike Omotosho captured the moment to wish Nigeria a splendid Easter Celebration stating that the death and resurrection of the Christian Icon has introduced a new phase for sustainable democracy in Nigeria. 

God Bless Nigeria.

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