Digprom launches in Nigeria, Promises to redefine content promotion.

Content is king. I'm sure you must have heard that many times. And yes, it is still king. The issue of the distribution of content is what is yet to be decided, and found a way round. Well, we do hope what we (want to) do at Digprom would have even the littlest impact on it. 

Digprom, a digital promotion platform which focuses on songs, for now, has launched. 

The platform wants to help artistes in the country (and outside) distribute their songs evenly over the internet to their targeted audience. While also giving bloggers the opportunity to earn from the platform. 


The concept of the platform allows the artistes to upload their songs, which would in turn be distributed to different bloggers based on chosen plan coupled with their audience specifications. Songs uploaded would be assigned according to the niche of the bloggers, location and the type of songs, making sure they tally. The bloggers earn through the number of streams or downloads the assigned contents gets from their blog.

The company currently pays 5 Naira stream or download. The money accumulates and can be monitored directly from the bloggers dashboard.

Artist also gets to monitor their songs performance directly from their dashboard. Each download or stream is recorded as well as the direct URL of the blogs where their song sits.

This is just the beginning, which is why there is only a focus on songs. In times to come, full fledged contents would be delved into. As content would keep remaining the king and what keeps people online.

We believe that, "Digprom will revolutionalize content distribution in Nigeria by pitching contents from contents creators to their desired audience."

Bloggers can register their blog via digprom.com/blogger/register.php

Do checkout digprom.com, tell us your views, and let us be better.

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