SHOCKING!! Segun Arinze Discloses His 6 Children Are From Three Different Women

Veteran Nollywood actor, Segun Arinze, has disclosed he has six children from different women, including one from his ex-wife, Ann Njemanze.

The Nollywood star revealed this to This Day in a recent interview.

He said;

"I'm married to a lovely woman called Julie. I have children too.
Em…from my wife (Julie), I have Ayo, Femi and my new baby daughter, Victoria Ejiamatu. And, of course, before then, you know I had a son and then we had Morenike between Ann and me. I also have Ebunoluwa," Arinze said.

Speaking of his simplicity in real life and  how he is able to perfectly put up menacing acts in movies, he said his training as an actor requires that you just do your job. It's a job. I am what you may call a method actor. I pick up a role having in mind that in life, there are different kinds of characters and you pick up one and say this is how I see this character and I go ahead to recreate the character. 

The bulgy-eyed actor also said despite having kids with different women, he is 100 per cent a family man. "I love my family. That's the first and foremost thing".

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