A mild drama played out in Abuja in one of the new generational churches as a popular Gospel Artist, Asu Ekiye accused Nigerian Pastors for witch hunting the growth of gospel Singers in the country.

The Popular gospel singer who expressed displeasure at the album launch of another Gospel Singer King James changed the atmosphere of the occasion Asu Ekiye who were called to the podium changed his pattern of singing when he saw the Pastors and prophets who had come to grace the launch

He said the attitude of some Nigerian Pastors towards gospel artists not supporting their growth has forced most of the artists to change their vision from gospel singing to circular artists which according to him is capable of making them miss their mission and at the long run capable of ruining their lives. He justified his accusation with his own experiences as he narrates his own story as an upcoming artist in a church while in Port harcourt few years ago (Church Identity covered).

Asu Ekiye further stated that some Nigerian pastors in recent times have failed in their responsibilities in giving back to the society as well as helping the needy the way the bible enjoins Christians to saying the preaching of eternity and second coming of Jesus have become a thing of the past for some men of God but prosperity, wealth and how to enrich their pocket has become the order of the day.

The Hall was quite as Pastors, Prophet, friends of King James who came from far and near to grace the celebration of the album launch waited patiently to hear the landing of the singer.

The event took a different dimension when he called on the popular miraculous Prophet Emmanuel Ezezobor of the Fire House Church Int'l Worship Centre to the podium for prayers the Prophet who felt slighted with the way Asu Ekiye blasted men of God refused to give his blessing on the album but after several calling from the Ekiye the prophet walked reluctantly to the podium for his prayer. He could not pray though but went ahead to donate to the album launch with an undisclosed amount,"Meet us tomorrow; we have a cheque for you".

A writer who was at the lunch and wants his identity covered said the prophets without hesitation walked out of the hall with his entourage. It never ended as it took the same procedure to bring up prophet Princewill of the "Mountain Movers Church Abuja" to saying the same thing and walked out of the hall.

Not minding what the claimed men of God are doing,the rest of the gospel artists like Kennysam launched the album with robust amount proving that without the help of the men of God, the artists are ready to be their brother's keeper. 

He finally dropped and ended the event as everybody moved to launch the album voluntarily. However there are questions begging for answers, must men of God in the first place be called for this kind of event? Must they honour this kind of invitation? What must be the conduct of man of God when events like this go out of hands? What is supposed to be the behaviour of individual at such an event? Must a man of God stands or honour invitation as a Launcher?

Though the history is made and lesson learnt but there are bigger lessons begging for people to plunge into them.

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