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A Nancy Peters Foundation has desired a world where love is made a general language and smiles sustained on the faces of people. This was the conviction of Mrs Nancy, the founder and convener of Nancy peters foundation - NPF, an NGO, that is focused on humanitarianism services and charity works in Nigeria.

She spoke about the foundation's interest, especially in improving the lives of People Leaving with disability. She stressed on providing food to those who are displaced economically.

The convener of this faith based organisation, Mrs Nancy, stated the challenges of educations, poor healthcare services and women empowerment opportunities.

She was unusually inspired by the prospective support from mega and international sponsorships by LBOs, NGOs and FBOs. Mrs Nancy is a Teacher, a humanitarian and a success-driven intellect. Her commitments to the advancement of humanity cannot be underemphasized.

According to Nancy, her greatest  motivator is the grace she gets from God. She says it is the source of her greatest strength, by helping her to be more useful at impacting the lives of those who are challenged in one area or the other.

Overtime, she has received remarkable recognitions for her works and strides in human development and charity related projects. She remains a big role model to young ladies in Nigeria and Africa.

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