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Friday, 2 March 2018


On Mondays, the 1st of March, 2018 the leadership of Justice Must Prevail Party, led by the Chairman, Dr. Olusegun Ijagbemi, met with former President, Chief Dr. Olusegun Obasanjo in Abuja. The party Chairman revealed that the party have the mandate of the owner of the party, the Almighty to rebuild the entire nation Nigeria on a permanent and enduring structures and institutions with absolute integrity as their watch word. He outlined the plan of the party that would bring about rapid transformation with a bottom up development strategy that's specifically focussed on eradicating poverty from the entire nation. He said that JMPP is made up of leader's, not the conventional politicians.

Dr. Ijagbemi also narrated how not less than half of the people that started the party left when it was clear that there'll be no room for embezzlement of government funds under the twelve pillars of Oath to be undertaken by members. He said that it was possible no live above corruption even without the Oath and that Oath was only necessary to empower everyone in leadership for a common and unified strength.

He reminded the former Head of State of his encounter during his regime in 2005 when he (JMPP Chairman) turned down a two million dollars bribe that saved Nigeria from buying obsolete and expired military arsenals, even when he had no house in Abuja. He said that JMPP leaders are ready to lay down their lives as collateral with deadly righteous Oath, the 12 pillars of Oath, taken by the leaders barefooted facing the sun.

Chief Dr. Olusegun Obasanjo responded that what Nigeria needs today are in four (4) cardinal points consisting of Leadership, Governance, Development and Values.
He said that if this cardinal issues are addressed within ten years Nigeria will be envied by many and become an investment hub within Africa and the world.

Dr. Ijagbemi responded that fortunately, JMPP has these issues documented in JMPP's plans of restructuring Nigeria by justice, equity and transformation (JETS) which He handed over to the former Head of State. He went further to summarize the party's restructuring plan of Leadership Revolution by twelve pillars of oath which gives room for strong trustable leadership; not self centered strong leadership. He said that strong trustable leadership gives room for equity and justice and, that equity and justice gives room for true restructuring. True restructuring gives room for job creation. Job creation gives room for economic growth while economic growth gives room for development. He said that development gives room for a new Nigeria which is one Nigeria and a New Nigeria gives room for unity. Unity gives gives room for peace. Peace gives room for love of the land and humanity. Love of the land and humanity closes door against agitation, and agitation dies a natural death.

He concluded that the party has now opened her doors wide open to all Nigerians to register as Members at every nook and cranny of NIGERIA.

Hon. Chike Amaeze 
National Publicity Secretary
Justice Must Prevail Party


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