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Thursday, 21 December 2017


The recently elected Labour Party Chairman and succinctly a barracuda to the present situation in Nigeria, Dr. Mike Omotosho have expressed absolute dissatisfaction to the economic challenges facing the giant of Africa.

He made this reaction during cross section with media practitioners  in Abuja, as he cited the recent situation of fuel scarcity in the festive period, intense poverty, hunger, price increase on consumables, natural disasters, the recent fallback of Boko Haram insurgents in northern Nigeria and the Fulani herdsmen rampage on farmers. 

He said, "Nigerians never envisaged such a challenging time as it where now, stating that  the broom users(APC) led by President Muhammadu Buhari has failed to deliver on its mandate of positive change and responsive leadership in Nigeria." He went on to say that the present situation is worrisome, outrageous and have attracted a lot of local and international concerns.

"The APC led government have introduced consolidated problem against the consolidated change they promised. Unlike before, the 2017 calendar year is gradually ending with a mammoth of failed promises made by parents to children; husbands to wives, companies to workers and clients to business owners. Happiness is seldom noticed on the faces of Nigerians, instead anger, pains and disappointments have built a roof of agony over the people", Dr. Mike Omotosho, the Labour Party Boss stressed.

However, in his reaction, the Party Chairman resented the activities of Abdusallam, the ex labour Party Chairman under whose leadership the party was held bound in a "rocking horse" situation, stressing that the new leadership under Mike Omotosho requires the support and loyalty of all fragments in the party; he says "Labour party is committed to a new phase of constructive leadership through unity and equal right, anyone who tries to thwart this present developments in the party by posing as what they are not will be made to bite from whatever beef they prepare".

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