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Sunday, 23 July 2017

Questions Ohanaeze CAN Not Ask...... a MUST Read! "WHO OWNS NIGERIA?

Questions Ohanaeze CAN Not Ask...... a MUST Read!


Today, as I was coming back from Enugu I had a very bad experience.
As I reached Lokpanta the expressway blocked.
There was no movement, both from the right and from the left.
The two lanes were blocked.
What happened? I asked.
I was told that Hausa Fulanis were having their Islamic prayer and they used their long vehicles, their trailers to block the road.
I couldn't believe my eyes and ears.
How could a sane human being block a federal highway with his trailer carrying cows, and we all had to wait on the road until these people have finished their prayers.
Apart from the long vehicles which blocked the ways, cows were freely passing through the highways too.
We waited for more than one hour for these people to finish praying.
Within that one hour, the line on the highway had built up.

All manner of persons were queued up, both great and small, with all manner of cars, all waiting for the owners of Nigeria to finish their prayers in some ramshackle huts by the right.
After a long wait, the prayer was completed and the owners of Nigeria came out, removed their trailers and tankers, and we second class citizens had to drive through the expressway to our destinations.
I had earlier asked questions and i was told that this is normal, I was told that this happens almost everyday.
As I finally passed through after waiting for more than one hour for those muslims to finish praying and remove their vehicles, I was very angry with everything.
How could this happen?
What exactly have we done to deserve this?

How can sane human being block an expressway, both lanes, abandon their trailers at Lokpanta in the south east, my south east, and we all, both great and small, had to wait for them to finish praying and remove their vehicles so we can drive through?
And the most annoying part is that they did not care what were thought, they did not bother whether we were angry or not.
To them, we are nothing.
How can this happen at Lokpanta near Okigwe?
In Igboland.
What did we do to deserve this?
How can I be living like a slave in my own country?
How can someone block a federal road which i know is a federal offence, and no one can do anything to stop it.
The more I thought about it, the angrier I grew.
Can an Igbo person do this in the north?
Can a Yoruba person do this in the north?

Oh no.
Then it dawned on me that the road was blocked by those that own Nigeria.
We do not own Nigeria.
The Hausa Fulanis own Nigeria and that is why the herdsmen kill people and nothing will happen, Boko haram abduct Christian girls and nothing will happen, Almajiris riot and kill corpers and nothing will happen, those in the mosque kill Christian preachers in Abuja and nothing will happen, they will kill christians in Southern Kaduna and nothing will hapoen, and the north can do anything and go away with it.
It is a pity .
We southerners are nothing in Nigeria.
We Christians are nothing in Nigeria.
We Igbos are nothing in Nigeria.
We are nothing.
In Aso Rock, in the circle of those who rule Nigeria, is there any Christian there?
Among Buhari's kitchen cabinet, is there any Christian there?
In almost all the military and paramilitary agencies in Nigeria, which one is headed by a Christian?
The more i thought about this, the more I come to understand that Nigeria is owned by the muslim Hausa Fulanis and that we are nobody in Nigeria.

After this Lokpanta experience, I am more convinced than ever that the restoration of Biafra is the only hope for the Igbo nation.
We have no business in Nigeria.
Absolutely no business.
And I am going to use any talent and skill I have to ensure that my children do not experience this open slavery the Igbos are being forced by the Hausa Fulanis and by the Nigerian state, to experience.

CHIEF (Barr.) Gabriel Emperor Ogbonna
Onunaekwuruoha of Item."

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