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Wednesday, 19 July 2017

PROJECT TOUR NIGERIA!!! (*National Re-Orientation of Youth - *General Knowledge of Nigeria - *Showcase of Nigeria uniquely & * National Tours)

We are delighted once again by this august opportunity to meet with you - all our professional friends and partners to proffer our new Project. 

We are delighted beyond measure by your swift response coming all the way out to this meeting to share in our hope for a significant new mega – transformation of a vital aspect of our national life – Nigeria's social economy through Tourism and the National Re - Orientation of our youth.


This national network Multimedia programme, PROJECT TOUR NIGERIA – has been conceived to revamp the propensity, – the normative need for the youth of Nigeria to know their country rather better and more passionately – otherwise, our mutual aspirations for a greater, better and stronger nation of the future would remain a pipe dream.

The basis of our original thoughts is evident in our recent and current history as a nation. 
In our more recent past, our nationalism has suffered so much from the global scourges of worldwide rampaging terrorism, insurgency and most other anti-social downturns!
The radicalisation of the population that either first warrants such happenings or on the other hand, the radicalisation of youth that is a consequence of such happenings need a far greater effort to ameliorate than what we have put forward so far, as a people – especially with the inception of this current political dispensation. The present Government is seeing so effectively to the mitigation of these scourges and tackling other long-standing national ills like corruption and indiscipline.
This is therefore the best time to up the ante in reassuring our youth that indeed they do have a country, that they belong to a nation – one that is endowed and abundantly blessed, one that they can be proud of and above all  - a country where they indeed have a brilliant and wonderful destiny – to live in, study, work, raise their families and excel in their careers and other life opportunities.

The youth of today were largely just coming into maturity these past one and half decades ago when these discords and disconnects began to manifest.

The need to swiftly contribute socio-cultural resources to stem the tides of damage to our national psyche can therefore not be overemphasised.

This Multimedia Programme Project is therefore a deliberate effort to, again, present NIGERIA afresh to our people – to 're-dignify' and redefine our national socio-cultural and other essences and bring a new ray of hope to all our people – paying much needed attention to the needs of youth of the current generation – most especially.

As a multimedia Programme, the entire itinerary of activities created and processed by this Project come away as:

a Televised national network feature, 
An Internet Based documentation of our enviable properties as a nation
A 'dominating' social-media factor (YOUTUBE CHANNEL, Facebook, etc.)
Great Outdoor Positioning (Billboards and Others)

All the above mentioned are only some of the qualities that point to how targeted at the youth this national activity concept is and how easily it would be to use it as a national re-orientation instrument of some of the greatest potency in recent times.


This Project translates via four major content generating channels:

The National Forum: The National Forum of the PROJECT TOUR NIGERIA Feature is its veritable self-expression instrument of the National Re-orientation and positive image-building and image-improvement faculty.

National Forums will solicit entries on various issues and prospects on and about Nigeria over the Internet and via other channels. The Best and more promising of these entries will be nominated as discussants at the National Forums organised on a Zone-by-Zone basis across Nigeria. 

As such occasions, the discussants build their arguments for or against historical, current events or future prospects as the case may be and the avidly attentive public would be availed the opportunities of having their comments and points of view aired. More participants may be recruited even from those making worthwhile comments and analysis – eventually a build up is imminent with a for and against positioning emerging until a finale is achieved and the best positions advanced by a Panel of eminent Academic, Technocrats, Leaders, etc. in a classroom manner, as ARBITERS. Intelligent contributors will be voted for and Awarded prior determined Prizes while the majority of active facilitators and participants receive consolation prizes and other privileges.
Forum activities are of the greater and highest appeal for electronic and print media resources, as we all will agree.

The other good of this instrument of nationally discussing Nigeria by the demography most affected by historical and current issues of relevance is veritably enshrined in the psychological rebirth and renewal needs of our nation and human population. These benefits are immeasurable and invaluable.
The National Competition: The task of redirecting youth focuses and interests back toward their fatherland; of calming them down in the midst of rising global laments and downturns all around, etc. incorporates the fervours of knowledge and other capacities and capabilities as contests and competitions.
Youths will be organised into teams of debaters, athletes, artistic designers and modellers, etc. etc.
Games and other contest or competitive activities will be organised amongst such teams so that as the contests play out the objectives of the entire concept will gradually and progressively be met: the participants and the audiences alike get to appreciate the awesome endowments and potentials of their fatherland. They learn the lessons of much needed UNITY, SYNERGY, CO-OPERATION, TEAM-SPIRIT, GROUP LEADERSHIP, COMMON SENSE, GOODWILL and every other good virtue, for their better goal orientation and eventual success. 
The National Documentaries Series: This Multimedia Project will consistently articulate and produce documentaries on salient aspects and expediencies of Nigeria's Greatness and Potential as a leading nation in Africa and the rest of the World especially in the historical aspects for which the entirety of the black race holds her in the highest esteems.
Envisaged documentaries will cover the historicity of the Nigerian nation and the cultures of her indigenous peoples; it will cover her socio-economic potentials and the growth of her industries and will also go as far as research new methods, - especially from the points of view of youth, how existing socio-economic activities may be transformed into industries for national sustentation, etc.

The National Tours: This is the "get-to-see-and-know-Nigeria-as-she-really-is" aspect of this entire package. Youths will be organised into Tour or Expedition Groups or Companies and sent out to "re-map" certain interesting regions of Nigeria. They are to document and research the landmarks, history, Government, Economy, etc. etc. of the localities that they unravel and post their findings and every other curiosities in the best manners possible.

All these are captured and professionally edited as Television and other multimedia presentation and features variously to make the most compelling and engaging challenges for the youth and the general public.

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