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National Protest: Who Paid 2face To Destroy Himself

National Protest: Who Paid 2face To Destroy Himself

Nigeria, our country is a funny human society. The politicians have destroyed the mentality of every average Nigerian. They have mischievously subjected Nigerians to reason from their anus. In America and Europe, or even in some African countries where the treasury of a country is not the major source of citizens' wealth, one could hardly see celebrities being used to achieve the obnoxious selfish interest of some political criminals in the country. Everyone knows how this present government came in. We all know how the Lagos media was used as a major tool to sell the hardest political product to unsuspecting Nigerians. We would have avoided this calamity that has befallen us if not the evil desperation of the same people who are coming again to send Nigerians on a suicide mission in the name of National Protest, slated to take place on the 5th of February, 2019. This whole scheme is put together to protect the ominous selfish interest of some powerful individuals. The question is who is paying Baba 2Face to destroy his hard earned name? Why will 2Face allow himself to be used by the vulturistic Nigerian politicians? People who wouldn't send him if he had not made himself. Nigerian Celebrities should grow to shun these evil politicians. Another big question is why this protest at this time? Many Nigerians were recently killed in so many parts of this country, yet nobody called for National Protest. Even in Benue, 2Face's state, many souls were wasted, yet 2Face never led a national protest. What is in there for our music star? Just last week, eleven IPOB peaceful protesters were killed in cold blood, yet nobody heard 2baba's voice calling for a national protest. When IPOB AND NIGER DELTA and other Nigerian youths saw this suicidal mission on nairaland and expressed disappointment with this interest-based call, the moderators removed the piece from their news platform. This is how bad Nigeria has gone. This is how desperate the politicians behind this national protest can be. Whether they like it or not, Nigerian youths must shun this suicide mission!

val lgwebuike

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