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IMPRESSivE: Amb. John Fashanu and Amb. Rachel Bakam make headlines again acting as Trump and Hillary (photos)

The inseperable duo thrilled everyone present as they took up the interesting roles of acting as Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in a Mock Presidential Debate and Election Night organised by the IVLP ALUMNI and the US Embassy in Abuja.

The results of the election of the USA 2016 shook the whole World. This result was
the next day after the mock debate and elections. After putting up a great act emulating the actual candidates, the Duo had alot to say about the results of the real election. Amb. John Fashanu; "I followed and studied Donald Trump for many years. I predicted all through that Donald Trump will win. I am delighted with his victory and both Rachel and I look forward to meeting Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump  in Washington.DC."
Following the victory of Trump over Hillary, Amb Rachel expressed; " In Hillary's voice "Oh what didn't we get right?" She continues in her natural voice; "We still congratulate Donald. He proves that it pays to venture boldly and fiercely. One can win even when not qualified. It's all about faith, zeal, will and the power to push through against all odds.  Understudying the Character of Hillary in order to act as her allowed me to experience what a GREAT WOMAN SHE IS. YES TRUMP WINS BUT WE STILL LIFT OUR HATS TO HILLARY. YOU ARE A GREAT WOMAN. TRUMP YOU ARE A GREAT MAN TOO. CONGRATULATIONS. Hope the best comes through for the good of humanity." 

It will be recalled that Amb. John Fashanu and Amb. Rachel Bakam recently acted in a Movie in Washington.DC. The US seems to be falling in love with these two. Congratulations and more strides.

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