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Wednesday, 5 August 2015

IMPRESSIVE: AlexReports Appointed Among Editorial Board Of Nigeria's Eastern Indigenous Newspaper! (Igbo Amaka)

‎Abuja popular social media entrepreneur "AlexReports" was yesterday appointed as one of the editorial board members of the only Nigeria's Igbo newspaper "IGBO AMAKA" produced from the Office of The Special Assistant To The Governor On Youth Mobilization.

The editorial board membership appointed followed an appointment as the media assistant to the SSA to the Anambra State Governor on Youth Mobilisation. 

Speaking during the a 5-hour intensive indoor meeting, The Editorial Board Chairman, Hon. Tony Uche Ezekwesili said that IGBO AMAKA Newspaper is currently the only tabloid that represents the Igbo interest as Alexreports coming in as board member will help boast it's awareness on the social media and beyond especially with regards to his social media networks.

He further stressed that IGBO AMAKA Newspaper will be one of the strongest voice of the Igbos especially at this time when the western culture is about to overshow the norms and values of the Igbos. ‎He admonished the editorial board members to take advantage of this opportunity to leave footprint on the sound of time and also to remain fearless when carrying out their journalistic responsibilities. 

‎The meeting ended with a letter of Tribute for Late GNC Nwankwo, the Father of AlexReports from the Office Of The Special Assistant To The Governor On Youth Mobilisation. 


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